What’s the Cost of Sod?

What is the cost of sod?  Call us at 281-431-7441 for current prices.  The number one question we get asked when someone comes in or someone calls is how much does sod cost?  This is a 2013 video by Houston Grass owner, Michael Romine, talking about the cost of his turf grass sod.  Prices have changed since 2013, so please click this link for current prices.

Houston Grass is located in Arcola, TX, at the intersection of Hwy 6 and McKeever Road.  Download our Turf Grass Sod Tip Sheet for information about caring for your new grass.

Please note that prices in this “Cost of Sod” video have changed.  

Current Cost of Sod at Houston Grass

The only grass sod we sell by the piece is the Raleigh St. Augustine turf grass.  One piece is 16″ by 24″ and there are 165 of those pieces on one pallet, so a pallet covers 450 square feet.  Those single pieces costs $1.35 in 2019.  If you compare that price with the prices for lower quality sod sold through Houston area big box stores and garden centers, you’ll find that we sell the best quality sod at prices that beat the big box store prices.

If you want a whole pallet, the four hundred and fifty square foot pallet, it’s obviously a lot cheaper to buy it that way, it’s $130 for that pallet [2019 price].  That’s the Raleigh St. Augustine turf grass sod.

Please click this link for current prices.

We also carry Palmetto St. Augustine, two types of Bermuda grass and one type of Zoysia [three varieties of Zoysia in 2019], and those are all plus or minus five to ten dollars per pallet, except the Zoysia.  There are no price breaks on Zoysia.  With all the rest of these grasses that I’ve mentioned, there are price breaks every six pallets.  So every six pallets, it gets a little bit cheaper, every twelve pallets it gets a little bit cheaper and then eighteen pallets [16 pallets in 2019], that’s what’s on a truck load and we give you wholesale pricing if you buy it like that.

So when you’re wondering, “how much does sod cost,” you can be sure that great quality sod will cost you less at Houston Grass!

Come on out to visit with us!  We’re on McKeever Road in Arcola, just off Highway 6, and just a few miles from Sienna Plantation.  You can pick up fresh grass at our office or we’ll deliver your grass to your project location.  We also offer installation services if you need them.  All of our grass comes fresh from our family farm in Bay City, TX, and we’ve been growing high-quality grass there since 1981.  Call us at 281-431-7441 to talk about your next turf grass project.