How Much Does a Sod Pallet Weigh

How much does a sod pallet weigh?  You need to know that information if you’re going to pick up your grass at our office and you need to know if you can load a pallet into the bed of your truck or on your trailer.  This Michael’s guidance on the weight of a sod pallet and what kind of truck or trailer you need to transport sod.  Call us at 281-431-7441 for more information.

How Much Does a Sod Pallet Weigh

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A question that we are asked a lot is, “how much does a sod pallet weigh”.  A lot of people want to come here to our office and pick up the grass themselves, or they’re trying to decide whether to pay the delivery cost for the 18 wheeler to bring it to them.

Grass is incredibly heavy!  We harvest a lot of dirt on the bottom of our blocks of grass so that it gives the grass a great chance to get started, it gets started faster, and grows taller faster.  Our blocks hold together better because of the extra dirt, so that our blocks don’t fall apart on you, but that also comes with a lot of weight.

A typical sod pallet probably weighs about 2500 to 3000 pounds. One pallet contains 450 square feet of sod. So a three-quarter ton pickup would be the minimum size pickup that you could use to get a full pallet of grass.  However we’d recommend that you use a full one-ton pickup.

Picked up a half pallet of St. Augustine – ordered it the day before and it was waiting for me when I arrived. The staff is currently taking safe precautions but I was in an out in less than 15 minutes. The grass looks wonderful. I definitely would recommend this to anyone….


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With a typical half-ton pickup, you could probably get a half pallet of sod.  We sell only the Raleigh St. Augustine sod by the partial pallet, so you could come get a half pallet of Raleigh St. Augustine with a half-ton or larger pickup.  We’d split the pallet with the forklift for you, and we set it on the back of your truck.

If you want to pick up more than a pallet of grass, you absolutely must have a trailer. 

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If you want to pick up more than a pallet of grass, you absolutely must have a trailer.  If you want two pallets, you need a tandem-axle trailer meaning it has to the two axles and four tires minimum and it has to be fairly heavy duty to handle two pallets of grass. To get to three pallets of grass you’re talking about a gooseneck trailer with two six to seven thousand pound axles, to be able to hold that kind of weight, and the trailer should also have trailer brakes.  A sod pallet is just very heavy.

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If you have any questions about what kind of truck and trailer you need to bring to pick up your grass, please give us a call at 281-431-7441.  We’re just off Highway 6 in Arcola, TX, a few miles east of Sienna Plantation on McKeever Road.

Our grass sod comes from our family farm in Bay City and we’ve been growing quality grass there since 1981.  Check the reviews and testimonials we’ve received from our customers.

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