What Size Is Grass Sod

What size is grass sod?  The question is a little unclear, but Michael understands it as a question about the size of a piece of sod.  If you have questions or you need a quick quote for your project, please call our office at 281-431-7441.

What Size is Grass Sod?

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– What size is grass sod? Well, there’s not one universal size.  Most everybody sells grass in the 16 by 24-inch blocks. That’s is probably the most commonly found size of a piece of sod.

There are farms that cut 24 by 48-inch pieces, but those are pretty heavy. I’ve weighed a 16 by 24-inch piece of grass.  In the black gumbo dirt that we grow our grass in, our pieces weigh 15-plus pounds each or so, and so I can’t imagine having to handle much bigger.

So there are 165 pieces of grass sod or 450 square feet on a pallet of grass, and we throw five extras on all of our pallets. We call them 170s for that reason, to make sure that you’re never getting shorted on the grass.  I would say that’s the size of grass.

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Barefoot Test Zoysia Grass and Our Other Varieties at Our Office
Barefoot Test Zoysia Grass and Our Other Varieties at Our Office

Most people purchase grass sod just a few times in their lives.  So most people have questions about the best variety of grass for the project they have in mind.  Call us a Houston Grass for answers to your questions about your project, given the amount of shade you may have, the amount of traffic across your grass, and whether you want grass that spreads quickly or is more slow-growing.  We have lots of information on this website and more in our videos, but we’re also happy to answer your questions to help you get the ideal grass for your unique situation.

You can pick up your grass at our office, just off Highway 6, a few miles east of Sienna Plantation.  Or we can deliver your grass to your project location.  We can also arrange for installation if you need those services.