What Size Does Grass Sod Come In

If you have questions about the size of grass sod pieces or the thickness of the typical piece, Michael has your answer in this video.  Call us at 281-431-7441 for quick answers to your questions or a quote for your project.

What Size Does Grass Sod Come in?

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Summary of the What Size Does Grass Sod Come In Video

What size does grass sod come in? There are probably a few farms around that sell something other than the 16 by 24 inch pieces, which are the blocks that we sell. A lot of people also ask us how thick the pieces of sod are.  Perhaps they’re adding topsoil to their project area and they want to plan to leave the surface of the topsoil below the surrounding walks or driveways.  That’s so the dirt layer of the grass sod pieces won’t extend above those walks and driveways.

Grass Pallets Staged for Installation
Grass Pallets Staged for Installation

You’ve got the grass up on top of each piece of sod, and we mow it off pretty short before we harvest the sod.  We mow the grass short so it’ll stack neater on the pallets. But I would say that there’s probably about 3/4 of an inch to one inch of dirt on the bottom of the pieces and that’s how we do it.

We grow our grass sod in a black gumbo dirt, which is great because it holds the nutrients and the moisture up by the roots where it needs it. It also keeps the grass together better. Most of the time you get our grass, you can take a piece of the grass and you can throw it like a frisbee out there, and it’ll stay perfectly intact when it hits the ground.

I will tell you that not all places can say that. If you did that with a lot of peoples’ grass you would take it and throw it like that and it would explode when it hit the ground.

So we take more dirt than most I would say, and we do it for that reason. It holds the block of sod together better and it gives the grass a better head start when you first plant it.

As far as dimensions they’re 16 by 24 inches and I would think I know that there are some places that have 24 by 48 inch pieces but I would think I still believe that the most common is the 16 by 24 inch pieces.

Our pallets of grass cover 450 square feet and we also deliver Bermuda grass in rolls 120 feet long that cover 300 square feet.

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