Will Bermuda Grass Grow in Shade

Does Bermuda grass grow in shade?  The short answer is “no” as Michael explains in this video.  Call us at 281-431-7441 to get your questions answered and a quote for your project.

Will Bermuda Grass Grow in Shade?

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Summary of the Will Bermuda Grass Grow in Shade Video

Will Bermuda grass grow in the shade? Absolutely not.

Shade is one of the questions we get asked about very frequently. A lot of home builders have gone to putting in Bermuda grass in yards on new houses because of its drought tolerance. I have a hard time with that idea. I think that it’s a mistake to put Bermuda grass in people’s yards in a lot of cases.

Especially if there’s going to be houses, especially two story houses that are close to one another.  It’s also a mistake if any trees at all are planted around those houses because Bermuda grass tolerates absolutely zero shade.  Bermuda grass’s place is on sports fields, out in the middle of wide open fields, golf course fairways and commercial sites where there’s not a lot of shade at all.

The rule of thumb is that most of the St. Augustine varieties and the Zoysia grass varieties need anywhere from five to seven hours of direct sunlight a day. We tell everyone Bermuda grass needs 100% sunlight.

If you put Bermuda grass out there in shade, it will be fine for some amount of time depending on the severity of the shade but eventually you’re going to see it start to die off.  It will continue to die as the trees get bigger

If it’s a brand new house, you’re going to start to see it thin underneath the tree and as that tree gets bigger the dead zone will just work its way out.

We tell everyone to trim their trees as much as possible — for all grass varieties.  Just trim the trees as much as you possibly can, and get as much sunlight as you possibly can in those partially-shaded areas.  A lot of times it means you’ll have to expand flowerbeds in areas of shade and work with it the best you can.   Bermuda grass does not appreciate being in the shade at all.

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