How Much Sod Is in a Roll

How Much Sod Is in a Roll of Grass from Houston Grass South?

Call 281-431-7441.  How much sod is in a roll of grass from Houston Grass South, and probably most of the other grass sod dealers in the Houston area?  Sod rolls are intended for installation in large spaces where there’s room for a tractor to maneuver, because you’ll need a tractor to lay a roll of sod.  Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine talks about sod rolls in this video.

Here;s a summary of Michael’s video.

How much sod is in a roll of grass? As I said before, the Bermuda grasses are the only varieties of grass sod that we sell by the roll, and  they cover 33.3 square yards. A traditional pallet covers 50 square yards, so you’re talking two-thirds of the area for a roll of sod compared to a sod pallet.  The sod rolls are 120 feet long, and they are 2 1/2 feet or 30 inches wide, so that is the size of a roll of sod.

Large Bermuda Grass Sod Rolls - Houston Grass South
Large Bermuda Grass Sod Rolls – Houston Grass South

They still weigh a couple thousand pounds, so you do have to have a tractor or fork lift with a special implement that goes on it to unroll it. For illustration, you can think of it unrolling like toilet paper. It’s wrapped around a cardboard roll about six or eight inches in diameter, and then they roll the sod strip around it with a mesh netting behind each layer of the roll.

And then when you stick this bar through it, and you drive along, and as you drive along, it unrolls off the grass sod off this roll, and it comes out to 120 feet long. And you can, if you have the setup to where you can do that, you just drive back and forth and cover the project area. You can put the sod down with a lot less labor and a lot less time and you have a lot fewer seams between grass pieces. So it’s a very economical way to cover a very large, wide-open area, but once you start getting up around trees and flower beds and other obstacles, it becomes a very inefficient way to cover an area.

Bermuda grass varieties, TexTurf 10 and Tifway 419, are often used in wide open areas on athletic fields and on large open lawns where it’s efficient to use a tractor or forklift.  These Bermuda grass varieties also require full sunlight, which is also available in wide open areas.  If you’re interested in using sod rolls in a project and you’d like to learn more, please call us at 281-431-7441 or send us an email through our contact form.

Houston Grass South is a family-run business and we deliver grass sod grown on our family farm in Bay City, TX.  We take great pride in the quality of the grass we deliver and we can provide you with that top-quality grass at great prices too!  So if you’re looking for the grass sod that will make your project look fantastic for years to come, you need to contact Houston Grass South!