Can You Kill Bermuda Grass in St. Augustine Lawns?

Can You Control or Kill Bermuda Grass in Your St. Augustine Lawn?

Call 281-431-7441.  You’ve noticed Bermuda grass growing in the places where your St. Augustine lawn has been damaged, perhaps due to grub worms or perhaps due to traffic.  Is there any way you can kill Bermuda grass without killing the St. Augustine?  Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine answers that question in this video.

This is s summary of Michael’s video on selectively killing Bermuda grass in a St. Augustine lawn.

There is nothing out there that you can spray on Saint Augustine that will selectively kill Bermuda grass. The only way to get rid of Bermuda grass that has come up in your yard is to kill the entire area that has any signs of a runner at all, meaning that normally Bermuda grass will start in a spot and then send out runners from there.

Can you kill Bermuda grass in St. Augustine
Can you kill Bermuda grass in St. Augustine

If you don’t kill every single runner that’s going out, it goes along so far, puts down those roots, goes along, puts down those roots, and it can continue to spread from just the smallest piece. It is very invasive stuff, and most of the sod re-installs, where we rip the grass out, are because of Bermuda grass has taken over a yard. Normally it’s gotten so bad at that point that we spray the entire yard and kill it. I guess if you caught it early enough, you could spray the area, let it die, rip that out, and then cut in the new Saint Augustine or whatever grass that you intended to be there.

So if you see Bermuda grass starting to invade your St. Augustine grass lawn, the best way to control it would be to kill the Bermuda grass and enough of the surrounding St. Augustine grass to ensure that you’ve killed all of the Bermuda grass runners.  Then you’d remove the dead grass and install new St. Augustine grass sod.  Here’s a link to a related video article about killing weeds in St. Augustine grass.

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Texas A&M University (TAMU) has an outstanding turfgrass research program and that program’s website provides lots of information and photos to help you identify the weeds you might have in your lawn.  Please check out the A&M website to identify the weeds that are causing problems for you.