How to Prevent Damage from Grub Worms

What Can You Do to Prevent Lawn Damage from Grub Worms?

Call 281-431-7441. Do you see irregular brown patches in your St. Augustine, Bermuda grass or Zoysia lawn?  Can you peel your turf away from the soil?  If you dig up some of the soil around the brown patches and find fat white worms, you’ve got grub worms.  Brown patch can also cause areas of dead brown grass in your lawn.  Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine will tell you what to do about grub worms in this video.


Here’s a summary of Michael’s video on controlling damage from grub worms.

Grub worms can be a problem in grass lawns in the Houston area. If you dig down in your flower beds or in your yard, you may see a little white worm that is usually a wound up like this. A, grub worms are also fairly larger around. They are fairly fat, maybe even as big around almost to your pinky. They eat the roots of the grass.

It's time to treat for grub worms!
It’s time to treat for grub worms!

Grub worms are not a problem in most situations. A few grub worms in your flowerbed and in your yard won’t hurt anything. It’s when you get too high of a concentration of them is that they become a problem. They eat too many of the roots. I believe it is about nine or ten grub worms per square foot that causes damage to your grass. If you get a concentration as high as that, then you have a problem.

There are a lot of things out there that kill grub worms fairly easily that home owners do have access too. Most of them comes in granules and even some liquid sprays that attach to the end of your holes. But the granules that you spread out or water in are very effective and they are available at the hardware stores and lawn centers. And you just need to read the labels and make sure that one of the things that it’s effective on are earth grub worms.  Late summer and early fall are the best times to control grub worms.

Texas A&M University supports an outstanding turfgrass research program, and the Aggie Turfgrass website provides detailed information and photos to help you identify the insects that might impact your Texas lawn.

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