Do I Need a Sod Roller to Lay Sod

How to Put Down Grass Without a Sod Roller

You’ve decided to lay your sod grass by yourself and you’re wondering if you need to rent a sod roller to do the job right.  Does newly laid sod grass need to be rolled?  Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine answers this question in the video.

Here’s a summary of the video on using a sod roller.

How to put down grass without a sod roller? As a matter of fact, we do not use a sod roller. If you’re using good quality grass that was cut with a harvester, with sharp blades, and they took a uniform amount of grass and you did the proper prep work on the area, meaning you didn’t leave depressions, hills and clods of dirt in the project area, then you don’t need to use a sod roller.

Do you need a sod roller to lay grass sod?
Do you need a sod roller to lay grass sod?

Laying grass is like laying carpet; if you do not have the floor underneath the carpet relatively smooth, it’s not very forgiving. You don’t want there to be big clods, humps, and hills. Once you lay the grass out there, you’re going to see all those.  And using a sod roller will not get rid of them.

If you did the proper prep work, got your project area nice and level with no large clods of dirt, you put good topsoil in the areas that needed smoothing out, and you use good sod like the grass sod from Houston Grass South, you should not need a sod roller.

One of the purposes of a sod roller, too, is to get rid of the air pockets beneath newly installed sod. If you water like we tell you to, the amount of water that you put out the first day ought to seal the new grass to the properly prepared area and be just fine. It will be aesthetically pleasing from Day One if you do those steps.

If you buy a lower quality grass from another grass sod dealer in the Houston area, you may need to roll your new sod to try to smooth out your project area.  However, it probably won’t look as good as if you’d laid high quality grass sod in the first place.  Also a sod roller will not fix a poor job in preparing the project area for your sod.  Do the job right with high quality sod laid over a smooth and properly prepared dirt surface, water like we tell you to, and you’re lawn will be beautiful for many years to come!

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