How to Cut Grass Sod Pieces

How To Trim Pieces of Grass Sod to Fit

When installing grass sod, you often have to trim the 16 inch by 24 inch pieces to fit around trees or flower beds.  Michael talks about the best way to cut grass sod pieces in this video.  Call us at 281-431-7441 for the best grass sod available in Houston.

How to Cut Grass Sod Pieces

The palisades zoysia pallets i ordered came freshly cut and bright green. I followed Michael’s advice of watering 2 inches the day the grass was installed and half an inch per day after that. One week later the grass is taking root and looks beautiful. I am a builder and we have been using zoysia for over 5 years and this is by far the highest quality sod we have had the pleasure to use.

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Summary of How to Cut Grass Sod Pieces

– How to cut grass sod pieces?

We explained in a previous video how to cut grass or how to mow grass. Someone may also be asking how to trim the edges of pieces of grass when you’re installing grass sod.  Where you have a whole piece of grass, and you need to trim off half of it because you’ve come to a tree, or a flower bed, what’s the best way to do that?

The best tool to use to cut grass sod pieces is a machete.  If you haven’t got one you can buy them in 18 or  24 inch lengths, from Ace, Lowe’s, or Home Depot. If you already have a machete, make sure it’s good and sharp.  With a sharp machete, you can do a great job of shaping pieces of grass and your grass installation will look fantastic.

If you’re doing a real small job, and you’re not going to be cutting many grass sod pieces, you might use a shovel. You can take the shovel and cut it the grass pieces with it.  However you won’t get the same sharp cuts you can get with a machete.  And you’re going to work a little harder at making the cuts too.

So, if I were cutting grass sod pieces, I would invest in a $10.00 machete. That would make the sod installation easier and make it look nicer as well.

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Our grass comes from our family farm in Bay City so we can vouch for the quality of every piece and pallet that we sell.  We’ve been growing grass at the farm since 1981.  Please click this link for our current prices.

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