Where Does Zoysia Grass Grow Best

What are the ideal locations for growing Zoysia grass?  For Zoysia grass and for all other varieties of grass, the very best locations have good drainage and lots of sun.  Michael explains in this video. Call 281-431-7441 for answers to your questions and a quick quote for your project.

Where does Zoysia Grass Grow Best?

I highly recommend Houston Grass. High quality sod with no weeds and a thick base that won’t fall apart on you or tear when handling. I ordered a pallet of palisades zoysia for the back yard and 1.5 pallets of St Augustine for the front, and it all looks great and is establishing really nicely. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, and the videos and tips on the website are extremely helpful.

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Summary of Where Does Zoysia Grass Grow Best?

– Where does Zoysia grass grow best? It’s going to depend on the type of Zoysia that you’re talking about as to what it can tolerate, but every single grass variety that we sell thrives in lots of sun.  I can’t think of one grass variety out there that this doesn’t apply to. Zoysia grass grows best where there is a lot of sun, the more sun, the better.

Barefoot Test Zoysia Grass and Our Other Varieties at Our Office
Barefoot Test Zoysia Grass and Our Other Varieties at Our Office

We have some grasses that can tolerate different amounts of shade, but they all appreciate the sun. The more of that they get, the more they thrive.  So lots of good sun, and good drainage are the best conditions for any variety of grass.

Grass never likes staying wet for long periods of time. You need to have the swales, to get the water off your lawn as fast as possible and if the swale isn’t working, you need some kind of drainage system. I’m trying to think what else affects Zoysia grass, but those are probably the two most important things. Plenty of sunlight and good drainage are two primary factors.

Where does Zoysia grass grow best related to some other factors? Somewhere where you have a good amount of topsoil, and someplace that’s not real rocky. If you’re talking ideal circumstances, you’re talking about a six inch bed of good alluvial topsoil, and that’s also important to again all types of grasses, not just Zoysia.

So, those are kind of the things that I can think of, but those are not specific to Zoysia. That applies to all grasses.

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Our grass is grown on our family farm outside Bay City, Texas, so we can vouch for the quality of every piece, pallet and roll that we deliver.  You can pick up your grass at our office in Arcola, just off Highway 6, or we can deliver to your project site.  We can also arrange for installation if you need those services.  Check the reviews and testimonials we’ve received from our customers too.