Will Zoysia Overtake St. Augustine Grass

Can you expect Zoysia grass to overtake St. Augustine grass in your lawn?  Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine answers that question in this video.  For more information about the best variety for your project and location, please call our office at 281-431-7441.

Will Zoysia Overtake St. Augustine Grass?

Summary of Will Zoysia Overtake St. Augustine Grass

– “Will Zoysia overtake St. Augustine?” We get asked that a lot.

People want to plant a different type of grass than their neighbor has or they’re wanting to change their St. Augustine yard out to Zoysia. They’re wondering if they kind of sporadically put Zoysia out there, what will happen. I would say it depends on conditions.

I talked to my brother a little earlier to ask him what his experience was with this question. [Michael’s brother manages the family grass farm, Triangle Turf.] He said that the fine-bladed Zoysias, which we carry two of; the Emerald and the Cavalier, are slow growers.   They will be overtaken by almost any other grass variety that you plant nearby, whether it’s Palisades Zoysia, or a St. Augustine, or Bermuda.  Those other varieties will run right over the top of the fine-bladed Zoysia grasses because they grow so slowly.

Grass is looking great. We had one pallet of emerald zoysia delivered to fill our town home yard and it has established very nicely, even with three dogs! The section where the dogs don’t go has immaculate, deep green, and healthy grass. The section with dog traffic takes more maintenance and we had trouble with brown spots; but after a follow up call to Houston Grass, an application of fertilizer, and some other dog specific treatments, even this heavy traffic area is on track to look fabulous! I would definitely recommend Houston Grass for those looking to install high quality sod (we installed it ourselves, but in they offer installation services as well). Thank you!


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The Palisades Zoysia is one of the more aggressive growers so St. Augustine and Palisades Zoysia, they kind of duke it out. My brother has both in his yard and his experience has been that the St. Augustine is encroaching faster into the Zoysia than vice versa.

The opposite has happened on the side of my office building here at Houston Grass.  We had St. Augustine all the way around it, but somebody dropped a block of Zoysia out there several years ago and now Palisades Zoysia has overtaken the St. Augustine grass. It looks like there was never St. Augustine there. It’s grown in thick with Palisades Zoysia and it’s grown 20 or 30 feet, six or seven feet wide, back along the side of our building here.

Will Zoysia Overtake St. Augustine in Full Sun?

In ideal conditions, when there is no shade and everything’s getting plenty of water and plenty of fertilizer, it would be hard to say which one would win out the fight but there are grasses, the Bermudas and the Palisades Zoysia and the St. Augustine that are more aggressive growers.

The fine-bladed Zoysias are slow growing.  That’s why a lot of people like them because they’re not aggressive growers.  They’re not going to grow up into your flower beds and they’re not going to require mowing as often either so they certainly have their place.

With Palisades Zoysia and the St. Augustine grasses, you will end up pulling those grasses out of your flower beds because they are so aggressive and they do spread so rapidly.

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You Can Barefoot Test Our Grass Varieties at Our Office

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