What Grass Grows Best in the Houston Area

Lots of people call us to ask about what grass grows best in Houston. Our family has been growing grass to thrive along the Texas Gulf Coast since 1981. Here’s Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine talking about the best grass varieties for the Houston area. Call us at 281-431-7441 for answers to your questions and a quick quote for your project.

What Grass Grows Best in the Houston Area?

Summary of the What Grass Grows Best in Houston Video

What grass grows best in Houston? Well if, somebody asks me this question, the first thing I’m going to ask is do you have any shade?

What Grass Grows Best in Some Shade

Because it makes a huge difference. About half the grasses we have can tolerate some shade. The other varieties need seven or eight hours of direct sunlight per day which is a significant chunk.

There are a couple of the Zoysia grasses and a St. Augustine grass that are shade tolerant. These are the fine-bladed Zoysias — the Cavalier Zoysia and the Emerald Zoysia — as well as the Palmetto St. Augustine grass that can tolerate some shade.

When I say ‘tolerate shade’, they still need four or five hours of direct sunlight per day to survive. The more sun that any grass gets, the thicker and lusher and more healthy the grass is going to be. But can it survive?

Can it cover your yard and suffice? Yes, those three grasses absolutely can and they can get you out of that situation of losing your grass to moderate shade.

Most people walk a fine line. You want some trees and you also want some grass underneath those trees. You don’t want to give up one for the other and these grass varieties are good compromises if you’ve got a significant amount of shade.

That being said four to five hours of direct sunlight is an absolute minimum. You might get that in the morning and the late afternoon when the sun is relatively low in the sky. If you get less sunlight than that, none of the grasses that we carry can tolerate that kind of shade.

How much sunlight do you get? On a sunny day you go out with your phone and take a photo every hour or two. Then at the end of the day you scroll through your pictures, and it will show you the different areas of sunlight and shade through the day. You’ll get a rough measurement of which areas of your yard get how much sunlight. Another method that works well for measuring sunlight is to use your security cameras. After a sunny day, you can of scroll through and watch the sunlight move across your lawn. You’ll see which areas may or may not be a problem. We recommend that people do one of these two options when we talk to them on the phone.
Michael Romine, Houston Grass

What Grass Grows Best in Houston with More Sunlight

Which grass variety just absolutely grows the best? I would say the Raleigh St. Augustine. It’s the easiest to take care of, everybody is used to it, and everybody knows a little something about it so you can pretty much ask a neighbor and they can steer you down the right road as far as taking care of regular Raleigh St. Augustine.

I’d say a close second is the Palisades Zoysia. For anyone who has ever taken care of Raleigh St. Augustine, taking care of Palisades Zoysia is pretty much the same thing. Some people might scold me for saying this but in my opinion, you get a nicer looking grass with Palisades Zoysia. The Palisades is beautiful. It’s got a different growth habit. I describe it as more carpet like. It’s thicker and plusher.

So to me, the Palisades Zoysia grass and the Raleigh St. Augustine grass are my top two picks as far for what grass grows best in Houston with seven to eight hours of direct sunlight.

What About Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass has got its place, but I don’t think it’s the best grass for a homeowner’s yard. It requires 100% sunlight so it does great out in the middle of sports fields and giant open areas. But if it gets anywhere near a house or a fence, or underneath a tree or something like that, it disappears in a big hurry and for that reason, it would not be on my top list.

For sure the Palisades Zoysia grass and the Raleigh St. Augustine if you have more sunlight are my two top picks for the grass that grows best in the Houston area. If somebody says I can put whatever grass I want to in my yard, what should I do, those are the two varieties I’m going with.

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