Does Bermuda Grass Have Runners

How does Bermuda grass spread across your lawn?  Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine answers the question — does Bermuda grass have runners — in this video.  For information about any of our grass varieties and help in picking the best variety for your project, please call our office at 281-431-7441.  We can also give you a quick quote for your project if you call our office.

Does Bermuda Grass Have Runners?

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Summary of the Does Bermuda Grass Have Runners Video

– Does Bermuda grass have runners? I think when most people think about grass and runners, they are thinking about St. Augustine grass.  St. Augustine grasses have the well-defined, really coarse, big runners that they send out, and then the runners leaf out every so often. We carry two different types of Bermuda grasses, and our Texturf 10 variety does send out runners. It grows with rhizomes as well, which are the underground runners, as opposed to laying up on top of the grass.

Does Bermuda Grass Have Runners
Does Bermuda Grass Have Runners

The Tifway 419 variety of Bermuda grass only grows with rhizomes, the Texturf 10 grows with rhizomes and with runners, to answer your question, but they both spread.

The good part about Bermuda grass varieties is that they’re probably the fastest spreading and most aggressive grasses that we sell. That’s why they work well on sports fields and very high traffic areas like that.  They recuperate from damage from cleats or golf club hits or whatever, the fastest.  They also grow back from damage really fast.  So yes, some of varieties of Bermuda grass have runners, some of them do not, but they all recuperate real fast from damage.

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Our Bermuda grass comes from our family farm near Bay City, where we’ve been growing top-quality grass since 1981.  You won’t find better quality grass sod in Houston or in Texas.

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