Is Zoysia Better Than Bermuda Grass

Is Zoysia better than Bermuda grass for your project?  It depends as Michael explains in this video.  Call 281-431-7441 for quick answers to your questions about the best grass variety for your needs.

Is Zoysia Better than Bermuda Grass for Houston lawns

Summary of the Zoysia Grass Better than Bermuda Grass Video

– Is Zoysia grass better than Bermuda grass? That’s kind of a tough one. I would say it depends on your circumstances.

If you have any shade, Bermuda grass will not work for you.  Bermuda grass needs a hundred percent sunlight. If you don’t have a hundred percent sunlight you need to eliminate Bermuda immediately as a possible choice and move on to either Zoysia or St. Augustine.

Is Zoysia Better than Bermuda_ Barefoot-Test at our Office!
Is Zoysia Better than Bermuda? Barefoot-Test at our Office!

Then depending on the severity of that shade, one variety of St. Augustine or Zoysia may work better than another.  If you have full sunlight, I’d say Bermuda grass is better than Zoysia out on sports fields or in higher traffic areas where it’s important to have grass that recuperates faster from traffic and damage.

Some of the Bermuda grass varieties probably have better drought tolerance, so if that’s important to you, that’s something to consider. Each of them have their pluses and minuses.

I think Zoysia, especially Palisades Zoysia, is easier to make look nice. To look its best, Bermuda grass really needs a reel mower, the type that spins like this, as opposed to rotary mower which everybody has. The way they make a golf course look so good is with Bermuda grass, and they mow it frequently, and they mow it really short. And so it’s real dense and you get a nice look that way. It’s almost impossible to make your yard at home look that way without spending a lot of money and going to a lot of effort.

The palisades zoysia pallets i ordered came freshly cut and bright green. I followed Michael’s advice of watering 2 inches the day the grass was installed and half an inch per day after that. One week later the grass is taking root and looks beautiful. I am a builder and we have been using zoysia for over 5 years and this is by far the highest quality sod we have had the pleasure to use.


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My favorite grass variety is Zoysia, and I would have to say it’s probably my favorite grass.  We probably sell a lot more of Zoysia grasses overall and the Palisades Zoysia, is probably the prettiest one we’ve got. It’s got to really nice look to it, and it feels really good when you walk on it.

The best part about Palisades Zoysia is anybody that’s ever cared for a St. Augustine yard is very familiar with what you need to do to take care of Palisades Zoysia.  You basically can take care of it the same way. You water it as much, you fertilize just as much, you mow as frequently.  You can mow it with a traditional rotary style mower like everybody has, as opposed to the reel mower, and you can still have a really pretty yard.

The Palisades Zoysia and the fine-bladed Zoysia’s — the Cavalier and the Emerald — are the ones that we carry.  The fine-bladed Zoysia grasses are a little harder to make look good because they should be mowed using a reel mower. Unless you really want to spend some time in your yard or spend some money on your yard, I kind of encourage people to go the Palisades route if they’re looking into the Zoysia’s.

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