Is Zoysia Grass Good for Dogs

Will Zoysia grass be damaged by dogs more or less than other grass varieties?  Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine answers that question in this video.  If you have questions about Zoysia or need help in finding the perfect grass for your project, please give us a call at 281-431-7441.

Is Zoysia Grass Good for Dogs?

Grass is looking great. We had one pallet of emerald zoysia delivered to fill our town home yard and it has established very nicely, even with three dogs! The section where the dogs don’t go has immaculate, deep green, and healthy grass. The section with dog traffic takes more maintenance and we had trouble with brown spots; but after a follow up call to Houston Grass, an application of fertilizer, and some other dog specific treatments, even this heavy traffic area is on track to look fabulous! I would definitely recommend Houston Grass for those looking to install high quality sod (we installed it ourselves, but in they offer installation services as well). Thank you!

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Summary of the Is Zoysia Grass Good for Dogs Video

– Is Zoysia Grass good for dogs? Yeah, I’d say just like I would say for a lot of grass is as long as you don’t have three big dogs that are on the grass all day long.  No grass in the world can tolerate that kind of wear. But all three Zoysia varieties that we deliver have relatively good wear tolerance.

Is Zoysia Grass Good for Dogs_
Is Zoysia Grass Good for Dogs?

Because Zoysia grass is so thick and dense, it takes a lot of traffic — dog or human — to wear it out.  If you look at a chart of all the different grasses the wear tolerance is really good for Zoysia. And it’s because there’s so much vegetation there, it takes a lot longer to wear that out.

However, there’s no grass in the world that can handle all-day heavy traffic from people, or dogs, or cars, or whatever. So if you’re talking about wear tolerance that is one thing.

Dog Urine Can Create Temporary Brown Spots

Now a lot of people will see Zoysia somewhere and realize how pretty it is and they’ll put it in their yard and they let their dog out on it. The thing about Zoysia because it is so thick again, is that when a dog pees it will keep that urine up on top of the leaf and in the summertime its doesn’t let it go down into the soil like a St. Augustine that’s a lot less dense. So it’ll hold that up on top and whatever it is in that urine can damage the grass with the sun beating down on it.

People will call us a month after they’ve installed their grass and ask us, “what are all these brown spots out here”? And that’s what it is, the dog pee burns the leaves of the grass. It doesn’t kill it, and the grass will come back from the urine damage, but it is certainly something to consider if you’re talking about having dogs out on this grass very often. Especially in the summer time it can be a real issue.

Even with the urine damage, nobody has ever called and said I hate it, I’ve got to change it back out because this issue. Everybody has found a way to combat it, somehow I suppose because it hasn’t come to that. So Zoysia is a really good grass, its really really pretty. Especially, I’m particular to the Palisades Zoysia, but that is one thing to be aware of as far as if you have dogs in your house.

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