Zoysia Grass and Dogs – What Can You Do?

Are Zoysia Grass and Dogs a Problem?

Are Zoysia grass and dogs a good combination for your Houston area lawn?  Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine answers that question in this video.  If you’re looking for the best Zoysia grass in Houston, please call us at 281-431-7441.  If you’ll looking to give a dog a new chance in Fort Bend County, please call the Fort Bend County Animal Shelter at 281-342-3411.

Summary of the Zoysia Grass and Dogs Video

– – Do you recommend Zoysia grass for customers with dogs?  We obviously get lots of dog questions. The questions are usually about the dogs having torn up grass or they’ve worn out grass or the different effects that dogs can have on the grass.

Zoysia Grass Has Good Dog Traffic Tolerance

Zoysia grass does well with dogs because it is so dense. It’s got good wear tolerance, so I would say if you have big dogs and they’re running over the grass a lot, as long as you’ve got some good sunlight in that area to keep your grass growing, it’s going to take longer for the grass to wear thin when you’re talking about the Zoysias.

Zoysia Grass and Dogs
Zoysia Grass and Dogs

However, once the grass does wear thin, Zoysia grass does grow slowly so it’s going to take it longer to recuperate than say St. Augustine and the Bermuda grasses, but that’s information that you need to know as far as Zoysia and dogs go.

Because It’s Thick, Zoysia Grass May Be Damaged by Dog Urine

But I guess the biggest thing that we get asked is, “I planted this Zoysia in my backyard and now I have these yellow spots” Because Zoysia is so dense and thick, when a dog goes to the bathroom, when in pees in particular, the vegetation holds that ammonia, I guess is what it is, up on the surface of it, and especially during the summer, on a hot day it burns the grass.

The urine may filter through St. Augustines and Bermudas a lot better because they are a little bit thinner and dog urine doesn’t seem to be an issue. But we have had several phone calls over the years about dog urine and Zoysia grass, and that can be an issue. If you plant Zoysia in your yard that’s what those yellow spots are if you have dogs.

When that starts to appear, I guess the way to avoid that would be to rinse that area off. I guess, maybe irrigating a little bit more frequently to, basically, you’ve got to get the urine off of those leaves so the sun isn’t burning it. That is, I guess, one of the ways you can avoid damage to your Zoysia grass from your dogs.

There’s not many downfalls to having really thick, lush grass, but having the dogs that go to the bathroom on it, that is one thing you have to watch out for. And that is where the yellow spots come from on Zoysia, if you have dogs.

The Best Zoysia Grass in Houston Comes from Houston Grass South

Call us at 281-431-7441 for the best quality Zoysia grass available in the Houston area.  Our grass comes from our family farm in Bay City so we know the quality that goes into every piece, pallet and roll that we deliver.  We offer three varieties of Zoysia — our easy to care for Palisades Zoysia and the fine-bladed Emerald and Cavalier Zoysia grasses.

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