When Does Bermuda Grass Start Growing

In the Houston area, when will Bermuda grass start growing and turn green in the spring? The winter of 2018/2019 has been mild and your Bermuda grass is probably already turning green now in late February. Call 281-431-7441 for information about Bermuda grass or any of our varieties. We can give you a quote over the phone.

When Does Bermuda Grass Start Growing in the Houston Area?

The team at Houston Grass has always come through for me. They helped me decide which type of grass was best for my needs. In addition, they were always available to assist me with effective solutions for grass issues associated with insects and/or diseases. Finally, they have a team of people that are cost effective and efficient if one needs their lawn repaired and/or replaced. A friendly, knowlegdeable group that is a pleasure to do business with.

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Summary of When Does Bermuda Grass Start Growing

When does Bermuda grass start growing? First, there are several different varieties of Bermuda grass. We carry two of them, the TexTurf 10 and the Tifway 419. But in this regard, they’re all kind of the same.

Bermuda grasses, when the temperatures start getting cool outside, they’re the first ones to brown off when you get that first frost.  But the good part about Bermuda grasses is that as soon as they get a little bit of warmth, they’re the first ones to green back up.

You’ll start seeing the new little shoots coming up out of the dead, thatchy stuff pretty quick. And in the springtime, you start to see a decent amount of that green. And then you mow everything off real short, and there will be quite a bit of green underneath there, and it comes out of that pretty fast.

It’ll green up like all the grasses that we sell in warm season on the Gulf Coast, I would say. Usually some time in February and maybe mid-February, maybe late February, you’ll start to see the green shoots start appearing.

And then, usually some time in late November, early December when we start getting those first frosts, it browns everything off. Bermuda grass will be the first thing to brown off, and it stops growing at that point, too, unless you get that ground temperature back up in the 70s.

So it takes multiple days in the 70 degree, 70-plus degree range to get it to start growing again.

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