How to Control Sod Webworms & Army Worms

Call us at 281-431-7441. Don’t ignore sod webworms and army worms in your lawn.  In this video, Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine talks about how to identify and control sod webworms and army worms.  We now sell Nitro Phos products that do a fantastic job at controlling these lawn pests.

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How to Control Sod Webworms and Army Worms in Your Grass

Summary of How to Control Sod Webworms & Army Worms

In Bermuda grass, controlling sod webworms is probably the biggest issue. We get those at the farm occasionally.

Sometimes controlling army worms is a problem as well. A sign of army worms in the fields is the presence of lots of white cow birds out in the fields feasting on the army worms.

Armyworm injury is similar to that of webworms; however, the damage is usually more scattered and not confined to patches as with sod webworm infestations. It is not unusual to have populations of armywormswebworms, and other lawn caterpillars all feeding at the same time in the same location.

Sod webworms are little bitty green worms. They get to be pretty good size green worms pretty fast and they eat the leaves off the Bermuda grass. They can get in St. Augustine grass too, but normally you find them in Bermuda grass. Another sign of sod webworms is the telltale web that they put out over the top of the grass.

Sod Webworms Causing Damage
Sod Webworms Causing Damage

You can control sod webworms and army worms with a Nitro-Phos product called Bug Out that we carry at Houston Grass. You just have to act fairly quickly because sod webworms and army worms can do a lot of damage fairly fast. If left unattended, they could kill most or all of your grass. It stresses it, for sure.

Nitro Phos Bug Out Max Insecticide to Kill Sod Webworms
Nitro Phos Bug Out Max Insecticide to Kill Sod Webworms

Here’s a link to a story on Houston’s ABC Channel 13 about fighting sod webworms and army worms.

The Texas A&M Aggieturf website has additional information about army worms and sod webworms specifically and lawn insects in general.  Please checkout these links for more information.

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We Have What You Need to Control Sod Webworms & Army Worms

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