Can I Use a Drip Line Underneath My Sod?

In this video, Houston Grass owner Michael Romine answers a common question about whether it’s OK to use a drip line underneath your sod or grass.  Michael uses a drip line to water a small section of his lawn and he believes it makes sense to use drip irrigation when a spray irrigation system isn’t practical. Call us at 281-431-7441 for answers to your questions and a quick quote for your project.

Can You Use a Drip Line Underneath Sod?

You can place a drip line underneath sod. As a matter of fact, in a lot of towns in our area there are rules that you’re not allowed to put out spray heads for irrigation in a flower bed or a strip of sod that’s less than four feet wide. So placing a drip line underneath sod installed in those areas makes sense.

As a matter of fact, at my house, I have a little 18 or 24-inch strip between the sidewalk and the curb that is out by the road, and we put a drip line underneath there, and it is very effective at irrigating that area. I don’t know that I would put drip line underneath my entire yard though.

Drip Line Repair Can Be a Problem

One of the problems I have with drip lining the flower bed, for example, is that when we’re replacing the mulch or turning over the dirt or something like that, you can poke holes in it and it’s a problem trying to fix those. In your yard, I could see where that would be a little bit more of a problem.

If you wanted to aerate your yard annually or biannually, that would no longer be an option if you had drip line under there. I’m just not sure how well it would work in a whole yard, but in a strip area like, for example, out by the curb or something like that, it is very effective and a lot more efficient and a lot more water-friendly.

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