Mowing New Sod

How should you be mowing new sod?  You’ve installed and watered your new sod grass, now how should you mow it?  These are tips for mowing your new sod based on the time of year you’ve installed it.  We have more information and tips about grass sod installation and care and a comprehensive tip sheet …

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Watering Established Lawns

How Should You Be Watering Established Lawns Call 281-431-7441 for the best turfgrass sod available in the Houston area.  You’ve installed your new lawn and you want to keep it looking great — so how much watering should you do for an established lawn?  The amount of water you want to apply to your lawn …

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Watering New Sod - How Much Is Enough

Watering New Sod

Watering new sod or watering new grass — how much water should you use?  You’re getting ready to  install your sod or perhaps you’ve just installed your sod and you know you should water it, but how much?  Here are our recommendations for watering new sod based on the time of year of installation.   …

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