Houston Zoysia Grass Seed

What Zoysia Grass Seed Is Available in Houston?

We get questions from customers about the availability of Zoysia grass seed in the Houston area.  Friends from Northern states tell us of advertisements for Zoysia grass seed in those areas.  In this video, Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine talks about Zoysia grass seed and the suitability of any such seed for the Houston area.

Summary of Zoysia Grass Seed for Houston

– – One of the questions we get asked on a pretty regular basis is about the availability of seed for some of the different sods that we carry. In particular, the Zoysia grass seed.

Zoysia Grass Seed for Houston
Zoysia Grass Seed for Houston

The only seed that I see on the shelves of the garden stores, that is readily available is Bermuda grass seed. I suspect strongly that it is the common Bermuda grass, because it produces a readily-available seed head.

There’s only a couple of types of Zoysia grass that I have run across that are sold by the seed. And none of them are varieties that we carry and I’m not sure that they’re carried in this part of the world here. They may be more readily available in the East Coast.  So, no Zoysia grass seed, as far as I know.

St. Augustine is the same way. There’s just been no commercially viable way to harvest a seed and to bag seeds.

If You Buy Grass Seed in Houston, It’s Likely Common Bermuda Grass

Another thing to note is that with Bermuda grass seed, because of it’s just rapid growth habit, you probably could get some decent coverage soon after planing.  Of course, you’d have to be happy with the appearance of common Bermuda, which, I’m not wild about. It’s fairly coarse-textured, not very dense, and it produces a lot of seed heads. It just doesn’t have the eye appeal that a lot of the other grasses do.

The Zoysia grass has a super-slow growth habit.  Even if you could find a Zoysia grass seed that was available in this part of the world, Zoysia grows extremely slowly. So you would be talking about multiple seasons, and more than a year, probably, to get a good attractive-looking coverage with Zoysia, with Zoysia grass seed, if it was available.

The problem with the long wait for good coverage is that weeds will take advantage of the thin coverage to become established.  Then you have the problem of killing the weeds without killing your Zoysia grass.

Houston Grass Has Top-Quality Zoysia Grass

We have three varieties of Zoysia grass that are well adapted for Houston area lawns and other grass projects.  The medium-bladed, easy-care variety is our Palisades Zoysia grass and the fine-bladed, more shade-tolerant varieties are our Emerald Zoysia grass and Cavalier Zoysia grass.

If you have questions about the best variety of grass for your project, please call us at 281-431-7441.  You can also send us an email using our contact form.