Laying Sod After Tree Removal

How should you be laying sod after tree removal?  Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine talks about this topic in the video.  Call us at 281-431-7441 for quick answers to your questions and quotes for your business.

Summary of the Laying Sod After Tree Removal Video

How should you be laying sod after tree removal?   The first thing you need to do is remove all of the wood chips or anything like that.  That’s not good for growing grass. You need to remove all that and you need to fill that hole, depression, or whatever area we’re talking about, with good quality top soil.

You also need to fill the depression with quality top soil and pack that area before laying sod. You should consider filling the area with that dirt and giving it a week or two to settle, maybe even watering the area before you lay your grass.

If you just fill the hole with loose dirt, then lay the new grass over top of that, and then water it, you’ll probably have a sink hole there, as that dirt underneath the new grass settles. If you can get that dirt to settle and level before you lay the new grass, you’ll avoid a permanent depression in your lawn.

I don’t know if an existing tree changes the pH of the soil or exactly what it does, but I have heard of instances where people have trouble growing new grass, even with replaced top soil over an area where a tree used to be. That I cannot answer.

I do know that you need to remove all the wood chips and things like that. Get good quality top soil in there, level it up and settle it before you lay the new grass on it. Then take care of it as you normally would.  We have a tip sheet with information about installing and caring for your new grass.

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