When to Mow New Sod Grass for the First Time

How Long to Wait to Mow New Sod

Call 281-431-7441. In this video, Houston Grass owner, Michael Romine, explains how long you should wait before you should mow new sod grass the first time. You’ll have to water your new lawn a lot during the first few weeks after installation.  You won’t want to use a mower on your sod  until your watering has eased off and your lawn has dried somewhat.

Here’s the Houston Grass video:

Summary of How Long to Wait to Mow New Sod Video

We recommend that you wait, the first week, during the growing season at least.  Which means while the grass is 100% green, which I would say is March through September or October, we recommend that when you put the new grass out there, you have to water it a lot.

When to Mow New Sod Grass
When to Mow New Sod Grass

The first day you for all intents and purposes, you’ll flood the area and make it just mushy wet and then you’ll back off that little bit, but it will will be very wet for the first week and then for the second week you’re probably going to every-other-day watering, but it’s still pretty wet out there.

So for the first two weeks, you absolutely wouldn’t be able to put a mower out there on it without sinking the wheels into the ground. I would think that the end of week three or so you can raise a mower up on its highest height, meaning four inches plus, and barely cut the top off the grass to kind of even it up and make it look nice.

It will have started drying out by then, so you ought to be able to get a mower on it, and then you slowly work your way down. Mowing frequently is good for the grass as long as it’s not brand-new grass. Mowing grass at the farm, we mow it every four days because we want to push the grass out and force it to grow out as opposed to growing up, and mowing frequently does that, so that is what I would advise. No mowing for at least two weeks, probably three weeks before I would mow new sod for the first time.

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