Nitro-Phos Fall Special Fertilizer

The Nitro-Phos Fall Special Fertilizer is just what you need to set up you lawn for a healthy start in the springtime. We carry it at Houston Grass and here’s Michael to explain why we recommend it. Call us at 281-431-7441 with your questions or a quote for your project.

Summary of the Fall Special Fertilizer Video

Hi, I’m Michael with Houston Grass, and today we want to talk a little bit about some of the fertilizers that we carry. We’ve gone over the spring fertilizers and the summer fertilizers. Now I would like to talk about the fall fertilizer we recommend.

You can see they’re all Nitro-Phos products. The Nitro-Phos Fall Special Fertilizer combination is an 8-12-16. In the fall, what you’re looking for is not a real green-up of your grass. You’re just trying to give it some nutrition and key ingredients to get it good and healthy going into the wintertime and help it come out strong in the spring.

How to Apply Fertilizer

You always want to put out any fertilizer with a spreader. Never put it out by hand by reaching in the bag and pitching it out there.

You want to follow the directions on the back of the bag. The settings will be on the bag for multiple spreaders. You find your spreader, adjust it to that, and you would put it out accordingly. Again, the Nitro-Phos Fall Special is just the one to help get you through the winter and give it a good strong start for the springtime.

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