What Are Grass Sod Prices at Houston Grass

In the video, Michael talks about the difference in grass sod prices between the Raleigh St. Augustine grass and the Bermuda grass at the low end, the Palmetto St. Augustine in the middle, and the Zoysia grasses at the higher end. Call our office at 281-431-7441 for answers to your questions and a quote for your project.

What Are Grass Sod Prices from Houston Grass?

Summary of Grass Sod Prices at Houston Grass

Hi, I’m Michael with Houston Grass. Today, we want to talk a little bit about pricing. This topic obviously comes up a lot when folks are looking for information about grass.

We don’t like to put exact pricing on the videos because we update the videos less frequently than we update the price sheet on our website.

On our website, there’s an updated page listing our prices. The Pricing page tells you about each type of grass we have and how much it costs. Since we sell Raleigh St. Augustine grass sod by the piece, the Pricing page will also tell you the current price for those pieces.

If there are any changes, that page is updated immediately, so you can always refer to that. But in this video, I talk about the pricing differences between the grasses we carry. I’ll also link to videos about delivery prices and installation prices.

General Differences in Grass Prices

So generally speaking, the Raleigh St. Augustine and the two Bermudas that we carry, the Tifway 419 and the Texturf 10, are the grasses we sell most. It’s what our farm is comprised of primarily, and they are our cheapest grasses.

If there are pricing changes, those usually take place at the beginning of spring — late February or early March. That’s when the farm will let us know what pricing increases there are going to be, if any, and then we pass those price increases along.

Back to the difference in the grasses here. The Raleigh and the Bermudas are at cheaper end. The Palmetto St. Augustine, which is the grass that you would use if you had some shade issues, is $40 more. I would say that’s probably been that way for years. I don’t see that changing — when the price of one goes up, the other goes up as well.

We carry three Zoysias. There are two fine-bladed Zoysias, the Emerald and the Cavalier, and then the coarser-bladed Zoysia is the Palisades Zoysia. All three are the same price, and they are $75 more than the Raleigh and the Bermudas.

Why We Don’t List Prices in the Videos

Anyway, I just wanted to touch on pricing a little bit. It’s obviously something we get asked a lot. We’re not going to go through and just say this grass is this much, and this grass is this much, because we don’t want to update all the videos if the prices change. You can always check our website, and the Pricing page will be updated. Thanks for watching.