St. Augustine Weed & Feed with Atrazine

If you have a St. Augustine lawn in the Houston area, we recommend Nitro-Phos St. Augustine Weed and Feed with Atrazine to kill weeds and get your lawn off to great start in the springtime. In the video, Houston Grass Owner talks about St. Augustine Weed and Feed with Atrazine, and he describes how it should be applied to your lawn. We carry our recommended lawn fertilizers and lawn chemicals at our office in Arcola, so stop by and pick up what you need. Call us at 281-431-7441 for more information.

Nitro-Phos Weed and Feed with Atrazine should not be used on Zoysia and Bermuda grass lawns.

We Recommend Nitro-Phos Weed and Feed with Atrazine for St. Augustine Lawns

Summary of Nitro-Phos St. Augustine Weed and Feed with Atrazine

Hi, I’m Michael with Houston Grass. And today, I would like to talk about some of our springtime fertilizers.

In particular, I would like to talk about the Nitro-Phos Weed and Feed 15-5-10 with Atrazine. Atrazine is the active ingredient that kills the weeds in your lawn. These are the broadleaf weeds like the clovers.

How to Apply for Best Results

You can put weed and feed with Atrazine out on a freshly mowed yard, or when your grass is not tall. After you do put it out, you water it in thoroughly. That activates the chemical to kill the weeds. You get an excellent green-up, and a good weed kill with this weed and feed.

You do have to be careful because Atrazine is the active ingredient. I would not recommend using it year after year. It should not be used as a weed and feed on Bermuda grass or Zoysia grass. It could also be tough on your oak trees.

Atrazine does its job well, but it is a chemical that needs to be taken very seriously. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

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