Where Can I Buy Grass Sod in Houston

Call 281-431-7441.  You may be asking yourself, “where can I buy grass sod in Houston,” and if you want high quality grass at great prices the answer is Houston Grass.  Here’s a video with Houston Grass Owner Michael Romine answering that question.

Michael Answers the question – Where can I buy grass sod in houston

Summary of the Where Can I Buy Grass Sod in Houston Video

Where can I buy grass sod in Houston? Well you can buy it from Houston Grass. Well, you can certainly give us a call here at Houston Grass. We are on the south side of Houston, and so we tell people pretty much for the most part, we service customers south of Interstate 10.

Depending on quantities and everything else, we’ll do the north of the 610 Loop a little bit as well, but it’s all kind of quantity-based. We can’t go take one pallet of grass to The Woodlands, for example at a competitive price. But if you need grass in the southern part of Houston, nobody touches our quality, and we think that we are competitively priced if you’re calling around asking. 

We recently moved to Galveston and it was hard to find St. Augustine sod on the island. Found Houston Grass via Google and had 80 pieces in the back of my Tahoe within an hour. The quality of the grass couldn’t have been better and your staff were very helpful and friendly. This weekend I needed more and rather than drive the extra 30 minutes I went to the only nursery on the island because I was told they had sod available now. I purchased the exact same number of pieces (80) and the price was literally DOUBLE what you charged. It was actually a little more than double. Additionally, after finally receiving the correct sod (that’s a whole other story), the quality wasn’t even close to the same. There is a night and day difference between the grass I received from you compared to the other. I now find myself in need of one final truck full and I’m just waiting for first thing tomorrow morning when you open so I can give you a call. And for what it’s worth, this is probably the third review I’ve ever written about anyone in my entire life; the quality and service were both so different I felt compelled to do so. Thank you and I wish you all well.

John H. – Feedback from a customer

There are lots of other places to buy grass, the big box stores that are around most towns that sell it as well, as well as Lowes and Home Depot. The big box stores also have their suppliers. They normally get grass on weekends and that grass is sold by the piece. They usually charge a lot more than we do and that grass may sit there in a hot parking lot for three or four days before it’s sold. I do not believe that they have the quality that we do.

There’s really no way to know what kind of quality that your grass you’re going to get talking to somebody on the other end of the phone, but we’ve been in the grass business since 1981. All the grass you get from Houston Grass comes from one farm.

Our Grass Comes from Our Family Farm

That’s my family’s farm down in Bay City. The quality of the grass from that farm is second to none, and we keep it in stock here year round. We spend the extra money for the best grass care as it’s growing on our farm and that extra care results in a better grass sod product for our customers. The only thing we do is sell grass, so we turn it over fast. Normally we get a shipment every day.

So we hope that if you’re asking yourself, “where can I buy grass sod in Houston”, you’ll give us a call at 281-431-7441 and pick our brains a little bit. Pick your sod up at our office or we can deliver it to your project area. We can even install it if you’d like. Check the reviews and testimonials we’ve received from our customers. Call us at 281-431-7441 for more information or a quick quote for your project or send us an email through our contact form.

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