Is There a Grass Sod Warranty

Does Houston Grass South Provide a Grass Sod Warranty?

We don’t provide a grass sod warranty because we can’t control where the grass is laid and how it’s cared for.  Michael explains in this video.

Summary of Michael’s Video on a Grass Sod Warranty

– – Occasionally we get asked about what our grass sod warranty or guarantee is on our grass. After 13 years of doing this, we’re quick to respond. There is no grass sod warranty or guarantee on our grass.

We Can’t Guarantee What We Don’t Control

The reason we don’t do that is, only once in a blue moon do we hear back from people about our grass. There are two issues that always pop up.  The first issue is when somebody doesn’t water enough, and I don’t get that phone call very frequently at all. I’d say it’s less than once per year.

Why There's No Grass Sod Warranty
Why There’s No Grass Sod Warranty

The biggest problem is when people buy regular Raleigh St. Augustine when they’re looking for shade tolerance or Palmetto St. Augustine placed in a location that’s too shady. The rule of thumb for Palmetto St. Augustine is four hours of direct sunlight, but regular Raleigh St. Augustine needs about twice that. We at Houston Grass don’t have any control where this grass is laid.

Rule number one is water it enough, especially that first week or two, and specifically that first two days. And the shade is also something we cannot control and therefore, we can’t provide a grass sod warranty.

The lack of a warranty is certainly not lack of quality. If we delivered our grass and we put it in your driveway and you called me and said come get this sod out of here, I would absolutely do it. It hasn’t happened in 13 years because we have, we sell grass that’s second to none. We bring healthy, fresh grass to you. We sell healthy, fresh grass off of our lot every day. That’s what we do and all we do.

Too Much Shade Is the Biggest Problem

That is our business, but when people take it from here, we don’t have any control over where it’s going to be laid, and specifically, in those shadier conditions. Shade brings with it a whole new can of worms, as they say.

You’re more susceptible to fungus, if you don’t meet those minimum sunlight requirements, the grass won’t take off anyway. In the worst case, if you lay our grass underneath these big shade trees, I’ve seen the grass disappear in as little as a month.

It’ll root down and green up real good, and the first time somebody mows it generally, you never see any more growth out of it, if the shade is really bad.  What happens is people, I think they’re just hoping against hope that this grass will grow in shade.

People will say, they’ll say that, “well the grass wasn’t green underneath there last year” or “my neighbor’s got trees and they, and they’ve got a good stand of grass”. But what happens is that grass and that tree grew up together and that grass was exposed to that shade little by little.

And then for some reason you lose it to chinch bugs or something like that one season, and you’ve gotta replant it. We take the grass out of these, full sunlight, giant fields with no shade of any type. You pick that grass up, you lay it underneath these trees, even the Palmetto, and that’s tough on any plant, which grass is, so it makes it difficult.

So because of those reasons — shade and watering — and the lack of control we have over the grass once it leaves our care, we do not offer any warranty or guarantee on the grass.

Visit Our Office to Check the Quality of Our Grass

Visit the Houston Grass South office just off Highway 6 a few miles east of Sienna Plantation.  We have sample plots of the grass varieties we sell, and your invited to walk on them and see which ones you like.  Barefoot test them if you want.  If you have questions, please call our office at 281-431-7441 or send us an email using our contact form.