How to Maintain Palmetto Grass

How Should You Maintain Palmetto St. Augustine Grass in Houston

In this video, Michael talks about what you should do to maintain Palmetto St. Augustine grass in the Houston area and around the Texas Gulf Coast.  Michael owns Houston Grass South, and he grew up on his family’s grass farm outside Bay City, Texas.  Call us at 281-431-7441.

Summary of the How to Maintain Palmetto Grass Video

– – How to maintain Palmetto St. Augustine grass? If it’s planted out in fairly full sunlight, I would say taking care of it is about like taking care of many of our other grasses. Mowing it a minimum of once a week is recommended. During the growing season, we recommend putting out at least one inch of water per week and fertilizing it two to three times a year.

How to Maintain Palmetto Grass in the Shade

How to Maintain Palmetto Grass
How to Maintain Palmetto Grass

The game does change a little bit if we’re talking about if you’re using Palmetto grass in some shade. It’s tough growing grass in the shade. The more shade you have and the closer you get to that minimum four or five hours of direct sunlight per day, the tougher it is.

It’s important to be careful of your mowing height. You should never, never go below about four or  four and a half inches. Keeping that mowing height up exposes more leaf tissue to the sun to allow it to collect sunlight and do its photosynthesis. So it’s important for that.

Also in keeping the mowing height up, when you look out across the grass, it gives the appearance of being thicker than it is. So if you’re standing out in the street, looking up into a yard and you’ve got the grass a little bit taller, it’s going to give the appearance of it being a thicker, greener, lusher lawn. Of course if you go and walk and look directly down in it, it might be a little bit thinner.

Trim Your Trees to Help Maintain Palmetto Grass

It’s absolutely going to be thinner if you plant the grass in the shade, that’s the effect that those big old oak trees have, is they thin the grass out over time. And Palmetto just does a little bit better job with that. If you can keep that mowing height up and in four to five hours of direct sunlight a day, you probably can get away with watering it a little bit less as well.  You’re not losing as much to evaporation.

The most important thing you can do with any grass that you’re trying to grow in the shade and especially Palmetto St. Augustine is trim your trees.  We tell everybody if you’re considering putting grass in any shade at all, there would be absolutely nothing wrong with you trimming your trees.

No matter how thinned out you’ve got ’em, we always recommend trimming the trees as much as possible and getting as much sunlight as you can in there. Cause there’s not a grass out there that won’t appreciate the more sun the better. And if you can get a little bit more sun in there, you’ll be much happier with the grass that you’ve got in the yard.

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